Tuesday, February 3, 2009

They have friends?

I don't exactly remember what grade I was in, probably 3rd. At that time, my life was very sheltered. My day was very much a routine. I got up at 6 A.M. made my bed, brushed my teeth, enjoyed my cream of wheat which had a condensed milk in it to sweeten it and then sat there waiting for school to start. My foster mom and I walked to school every day. I went through school and then walked home. Once home, I showered, put my pajamas on and was set for the evening. That was approximately 4:45. Then I waited for bed. 8 o'clock, sharp.

Rinse, repeat. Sunday through Saturday.

One day something strange happened. I was invited to a birthday party for a set of twins in my class. (I bought them a deck of face cards.) When I got to their house I noticed a bunch of the kids that were there were really familiar with the house. It was at that time I realized, these guys have friends. Real friends, they hung out, they might have actually even seen each other on Saturday.
It wasn't that I was a total loser, it was that the opportunity never presented itself. I didn't know you could do such a thing. I didn't know that kids met with other kids. As far as I knew, all the kids in my class lived in Rancho Cucamonga (That one is for you Scott! - spell check not activated)
The reason I even mention this is because the other day I got a phone call on my cell phone of all things and I hear a little boy on the other end ask, "Is L*** there?" I let him know that he was not and that I would forward the little guys number to the eldest child and he could call him back.
On the scale of phone conversations the shortest being me talking to either of my wicked sister-in-laws and the longest being my wife talking to my wicked sister-in-laws, these two boys who are obviously like those kids I witnessed at the party, friends, are closer to the wife with said wicked sisters. L*** even got a call this morning at 7:15 asking if he wanted to play on Webkins with him. (online animal community with games) All of the Dibb family would love to watch him talk. He is just like Grandpa. He paces and he paces all over the house when he talks on the phone.
It proves once again, my kids are cooler than I am. Yea for them. Well at least one of them is. I still have hope that K will be my recluse and just hang out with dear old dad forever.
P.S. At least L isn't showing interest in girls yet.