Friday, November 21, 2008

Senior Stud

Alright ladies. . . control yourselves. (Thanks to Elena for saving these pictures.) These are the only pictures I have and they are scanned. On the left I was a Junior. On the right, I was a Senior.
Thanks for suggesting this Wifey.
As for clothes, my favorites were shorts and a simple tee. In the late 80's I loved I.O.U. sweaters and Billabong clothing wich I still wear today. ooh, and I had a hard time giving up the roll on those jeans.

Ginky Rocks

After seeing Scotty's air guitar, I figured I had to show Ginky's Jam. He has had an addiction to guitar ever since we got guitar hero. Sorry about the low grade, it was shot from my phone.

So here's to you Scotty. . .