Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Presidental cabinet

So I think I am going to start a write in campaign. . .for myself. If I win, here is what I purpose.

1. flat tax. abolish the code. a % across the board. Period, no deductions for kids, no deductions for charity, or write offs or bad investments. Nothing. If it's not enough raise it till we get it right.
2. Discuss socializing medicine. My little family with just one sick child spends over 10% of our income for medicine.
3. Double teachers salaries but hold them accountable and make the school year longer by 30 days!
4. Kill earmarks. A bill is a bill, in the old I'm just a bill song, you never saw little tiny bills running around singing chorus. Sorry congress, you are going to have to work a little more. Sessions in order.
5. No unilateral movements into other countries. What if all let California and New York make all the decisions. If we can't get France, Russia, Germany, Japan and China to agree, stay out. I would actually listen to the U.N.
6. I would invest in energy, clean energy. I would give 5 million start up funds to small companies to create new methods to get energy.

So those are my ideas. I also thought of some people to fill key cabinet positions.

1. Secretary of state- Nana. If other states don't behave, she won't use weapons that will kill them, she will just give them the "look." They will cower, you watch.
2. Secretary of Education- Michal. She will kill all the nonsense that keeps our schools from performing. I also have no doubt that she will let parents know when they are failing.
3. Secretary of finance. Alli. I have never met someone who is as frugal with their money. She could teach the Street a thing or two about proper investment.
4. Supreme Court appointments- Scott- he has proven to be level headed and just in his judgement. (judgement in College football teams excluded)
5. Homeland security- Dan. He doesn't trust anybody anyway.
6. Press Secretary- Grandpa Dibb- Somehow all conversations will turn to three topics, his cars, his golf game, and his childhood stories. (he would also be my special liaison with the auto industry, since he is their best customer, he can probably tell them a few things)
7. Ambassadors- My wife and her two sisters. At least I know the other countries will be communicated with daily via blogs, facebook and phone.
8. Vice President- This one was tough, but I think it would be Tara. Half the time her ideas are crazy, half the time they are right. I run about the same and since we disagree on everything, we will either be right 100% of the time or 100% wrong.

So Letterman, Leno, View girls, that octogenarian with the suspenders and the power grid behind him- let's get to the interviews. I promise I will leave you with some good soundbites!!!


Emily said...

Vote McD, Tara!

Emily said...

But, wait. I'm not sure I'm cut out for the job you assigned to me.

Anonymous said...

I will support your candidacy. The cabinet members I know make great sense. Shall I put a sign in my window?

Michal said...

thanks for proposing that i join your cabinet. i think you should start by having the secretary of education proofread your blog. "This is my ideas" is just fodder for the press to point out how unqualified you are. they love to blow a little grammatical error out of proportion.

by the way, i've seen socialized medicine in russia. and it's a very scary thing. VERY. there must be some other way.

Allison said...

If you put me in as Secretary of finance, I would never go along with a flat tax, socialized medicine or doubling teachers salaries.I'm even a credentialed teacher. (By the way, what does it mean to hold teachers accountable? Test scores are not an indicator of good teaching.Just ask mom. She is one of the best teacher i know, but Jackson School had some of the lowest scores in our district.)

I would have to take a hard look at giving big "start up funds to small companies that would create new methods to get energy" before I was willing to invest in them. It does not take much energy to flush money down the toilet. They would need to prove their viability (then I’d give them more than 5 million).

Any more ideas? I’ll probably shoot them down too. :) You don't get the title of "frugal" by approving new spending...

mommyofthree said...

If you win, I will for sure fly around the world on your dime to blog about it all. I will leave no country unexplored. All for the sake of great communication, you know.

McD said...


Bravo! I explained my accountability views on a comment on the last blog. I think it will explain my view.
As for start ups for energy. I would pay for this by stopping the payments to oil companies now. The money would be rewarded through contests. I would expect much of the companies to sprout from universities just like medical studies.
As for socialized medicine. it is just a starter idea. I am not advocating 100% funding. I know the markets are not working correctly. I believe there is price fixing from pharmaceuticals and doctor's can screw up and still charge you. It is broken.
Welcome to the cabinet. disagreement is encouraged, thinking is mandatory.

Tara said...

WELL! - (wow - I can't remember when I've laughed so hard. :)) I'm honored you would ask me to be your running mate - I even have lipstick!

PS: I did my rant on your previous post - I won't pollute space here.:)