Friday, November 21, 2008

Ginky Rocks

After seeing Scotty's air guitar, I figured I had to show Ginky's Jam. He has had an addiction to guitar ever since we got guitar hero. Sorry about the low grade, it was shot from my phone.

So here's to you Scotty. . .



gwauma said...

That is just too cute - a little MickyD clone! He's just like you. Love ya!!!! The Thornes

Erika said...

Finally I got to play this for Scotty (he's been asleep all the other times I do my internet stuff).
Anyway...just watched it 3 times in a row and we're back for more :-)

lets get them together to jam!

gma dibb said...

HILARIOUS! The thoughts of you getting in an accident with that seatbelt giving so much made me have a very motherly heart failure moment, though. Love that boy.