Monday, June 1, 2009

The Deanery dad epidsode #1

Although the correct answer to the question What is your most honored title? should probably be husband, I favor another, Daddy. (I couldn't be a daddy without the first title, so technically it salutes both parenthood and spouse.) There are many great things about being a father, most of which involve giggling children, getting hit by a ball when you are not paying attention to the latest Orel Hershiser in the house (even better when the wife isn't paying attention) and Vespa rides together.
Today's episode involved a pair of shoes. You see, I was getting ready for work this morning. I was alone in a house that had no obvious sign of life except for slight little whir from from my asthmatic son sleeping soundly on my bed, yet again. I knew my wife had been up till 1 in the A.M. and again at 4 with that same asthmatic kid. Since I figured she was tired I didn't wake her when I couldn't find my shoes.
You have to know that I am anal. I had a mission nick name Anal Boy. I like things clean and I like things in order. Being that way, I have two places and only two places that I put my shoes in 1 of 2 places. Either at the front door or in my closet. This morning I checked both places and there was no shoes. Not at the front door, nor the closet. I went back and forth looking, believing I must surely have missed them. After 10 minutes, and the getting close to the time that I needed to leave for work, I finally started looking everywhere, bathrooms, under beds, behind the sub woofer. All yielded no fruit.
I finally gently awoke the wife and asked her if she knew where my shoes were located. She said, without hesitation, "outside." I turned and looked out the window and about 10 yards apart were my shoes. It seems my 8 year old was told he had to have shoes on to go outside, and he was obedient.
I laughed, put my shoes on and went to work with a smile on my face. These silly things are what make being a dad great.
Thanks, Monkey and good job being obedient, but try putting your own shoes on next time.


Liz said...

Very, very, cute!

Denise said...

Those uncontrollable giggle by little ones get me every time. It is even better being a grandparent, believe it or not.

Roxanne said...

And a great daddy you definitely are.