Sunday, September 23, 2007

It's On

When I was in high school some friends decided to ditch me at a Sizzler. Thus began the whip cream incidents. There are all kinds of hazing in this world, most of it in good fun. This is just that.

While my friends ditched me, I ran back inside and grabbed a handful of whip cream (OK, I used a spoon, but it doesn't sound as cool to say I spooned a proper cup full of whipped cream into my palm) and when they came back around I took all the whipped cream and slammed it all over the windshield.

I was always the instigator. There were 5 friends at the time. We were all band geeks which explains why this whole story is rated G. Not even PG. I decided we should whip every one of the guys in the group.

The first victim was a guy named Philip. We were down in National City. Our hotel was across the parking lot from a Ralph's grocery store. We bought about 5 cans. We hung out in the room invited some girls that would provide the embarrassment gossip to the rest of the group and poor Phil came in and was being his normal self. (he always thought he was cooler than an ice sculptor, the guy played the French Horn, cool was not in the description) He was leaning against the wall and we creamed him. He got 4 cans of cream all over him. Ahhh nerdy fun. Nerdy, tasty fun.

We all took turns getting creamed. One night we raced through the back streets and alleys of our home town as one car had a couple of guys with the cream and one had me (uncreamed at the time) and Phil. I eventually took a little.

The best event was getting a guy in our group named Mark. We started at Sizzler again for old time sakes. We had the cans under the drivers seat and as we were getting out of the car, Mark looked at me in the back seat. I was reaching down for the cans and he bolted. What insued was a two hour chase through a very busy intersection which had a mall on one side some strip mall shops on the other side and an Albertsons shopping center on the other. Mark was great game. He was not going to go down easily. Once when we had him cornered in front of a car he screamed at a guy in a car, "stop that man" pointing at one of us with a can. The guy was not quite sure what was going on, and we were stunned at his defensive play. We ran back and forth those four corners for a long time. We lost him a few times. I went into the donut shop and asked if they had seen a guy acting very paranoid and scared around. They pointed through the back door and let us out the back of the shop. We eventually caught him, but since we had been chasing him and shooting of our cans we were mostly out by the time we got him.

So here is the point of the whole story. I love a little challenge, and I like to get even.

Here is the issue: today on the way home. I was "racing" the boys and Wifey in the other mini-van (yes we have two, oh the shame) when I looked in my rear view mirror to see how far ahead I was. I looked in the mirror and saw this:

Now anybody that knows anything about me knows that I am a Lakers Fan. Now we don't have the rivalry of say the Red Sox and the Yankee's but we had a few years that you would not really want to put fans from these two teams in the same room alone, at least without some sort of sedation. I loved beating the Kings every year. It was to me the true Finals.

Since there is only ten King's fans left in the world and 9 of them live in the Bay area. I knew the Walker was responsible. I called him, told him he scrapbooks well (notice the handiwork in the picture) and that there would be vengeance. He said there was no need for that. Well I refer you to the line from Admiral Yamamoto in Tora Tora Tora (although considered a misquote by many historians) " "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve."

I will put it in movie terms a Queen can understand: From Bring it on: "Oh, I'll bring it."

Good job Walker, it was fun, just sleep with one eye open buddy. Until then, enjoy this little diddy : 05ItsGoodToBeKing.m4a


**Liz** said...

How fun!! I'm sure you will come up with something creative Mike.

As for the "bring it on" line. Hmmm, sounds like what I screamed (yes, literally) at my neighbor last week when I had my first ever cat fight!

That line certainly comes in handy, doesn't it?!


Michal said...

hah! as laker fans living in kings country, i feel your pain. the kings fans in sactown are pretty serious--not rioting serious, but dress in kings colors on game day serious, which to me means dorky!
have fun wreaking vengeance.
go lakers!

McD said...

Liz. Should I be worried. You were always the kind of quiet girl, that usually means that there is some tempest locked inside. I am going to your blog to see what you did.

McD said...


Keep up the good fight! Viva la Lakers! Viva la brave fans in Sac town!

Shane and Adriann said...

Mike, don't tell Shane but I'm on your side - GO LAKERS! How a Lakers and BYU fan ever married a Kings and UofU fan I'll never understand. I gotta say watching the Lakers beat the Kings in the NBA finals was sweet indeed - and I did it in a room full of Kings fans!

aaron182 said...

Oh man, I was rolling with that first bit (being a band nerd myself). I can totally relate. However, there is something that most of you are missing...the best team around is the Spurs. Yeah, the Lakers had some good years and perhaps the Kings might be mentioned once or twice in the annals of history, but the team you should see most referenced is the Spurs!!!! Mostly cause they are the best. So, put your pithy squabbles behind you and focus your efforts behind a team that really is awesome! :) Laterz

McD said...


The problem with the Spurs is that they are not hateable. They have Duncun who is a great player and he is humble about it. Ginobli and Parker aren't that bad either and seem like decent guys. You see I love the Team, the Lakers, I don't know how much I love my teams players. So go Spurs, if I need a game on a lazy Sunday that will keep my blood pressure down, they are the team. (although the ex-Laker Horey almost fixed that last year.)

**Liz** said...


I'm trying to figure out who you are! Talk about a puzzle!

There is no tempest "locked inside."

Let's just say that more than a line was crossed, it was more like a wall.

Everyone knows that if you mess with bear cubs, the Mama isn't going to be happy. Which is what happened here.