Sunday, October 14, 2007

So Tired!

A complimentary song:01SoTired.m4a by Eric Clapton (new Clapton autobiography just released this past Tuesday)

It seems like it should be Spring not Fall. Everyone is having babies. First question is what is wrong with you people? Do you like suffering? Who in their right mind wants to be pregnant in summer? Anyway, with the thought of all of you (Walkers, Johnsons, Ferkins, and more) I dedicate this blog entry.

Back in the Spring of '01 we where a young struggling family. I was working 3 jobs and we had our first baby, Monkey. (Get your nachos ready cause here comes the cheese) He was our everything! We dressed him "cute." We were at his beck and call. While we were not condescending enough to think that he was the cutest little baby ever, he was the cutest we had seen. I remember taking him home from the hospital and pointing out the trees and the sky telling him about the order of the Cosmos. I was the typical overprotective parent, but only half that of Wifeys. That car seat belt had to be no less than 1 centimeter from his chin, and you know my work was inspected every time. Sound familiar to all you first time parents. The one thing I don't do is preach to you, do what you want, spoil, do it now while you can.

People used to tell us Monkey was a great baby. All I remember is that every time I turned around in bed my wife was gone. She was "always" up. I used to freak out when there was a noise. I don't remember a time we were so tired. Because I worked so much at the time and I am a fumbling idiot when I am awakened in the dead of night, Wifey did all the work. Even then,I thought he would never sleep through the night. Like Clapton says paraphrasing a little: thank goodness your momma is a natural!"

So flash forward to '07. The children don't cry through the night, but they have a tendency to visit our bed. Either they are that good or I just sleep that deep that many mornings I awake to them in the bed and I have no idea when they showed up. Last night Sqwuak came to bed and started scratching. It is like nails on a chalkboard for Wifeys and me because we know he is tearing himself up.) He has eczema and if you ever met him you probably think he is accident prone, not so, just scratches a lot! So much so that he has open sores in every hinge on his body. He scratches so much he has thick scar tissue under the sores. While he sleeps he scratches. We try and get him to stop, of course that just makes him mad and he starts kicking and crying. Then we try to scratch for him because we won't dig into his skin with our nails like he does. That makes him mad, so then we try and give him lotion. Inevitably one of us parents usually leaves the bed and heads for the couch. Last night, Sqwuak got up and followed wifey around. She would come back and he would come back, she would go and he would go. It was odd. Eventually she got him to sleep on the couch. The last thing I heard from her is, "you're getting up with the boys in the morning." We have had our children around for 6 years and they still get us up almost every night.

Monkey is scary at night. No, not scared, scary. He moves in stealth. He sometimes needs to go to the bathroom. He will come and stand by the side of the bed. I don't know how long he stands there, I just know that when I wake in the middle of the night, I don't expect to see a face a few inches from my bed. (now you know why I don't sleep with a bat under my pillow) In the morning when he decides he no longer wants to sleep he comes and sits on the bed. He will sit there awake for 45 minutes. Trying every so often to get one of us up. He is learning to tell time and will ask what time we are getting up. (Once he learns that certain times mean he should still sleep, I am changing the clocks in the bedroom back a few hours.)

I used to be amazed because Nana never got up to an alarm. I understand now, I painfully understand.

One would hope we could nap during the day time. Don't even think about it. I think the boys have super hearing and recognize the change in my breathing pattern, because I will have just fallen asleep and I will be hit with something, jumped on (sqwuaks favorite move) or just told to wake up really really loud. I had a friend once who could sleep with his eyes open, it was freaky then, I covet that now.

The good news, I still love'em and even though I don't come to every beck and call, I still think about it.

See if this will help get the buggers to sleep: 2-13GoodNight.m4a by the Beatles, but you already knew that.


Denise said...

I remember the children coming into our bedroom at night. I would relent and let them climb in between Dave and I. After a few kicks in the kidneys, Dave would carry them back upstairs to bed. After a while, they just gave up and quit coming in. They knew it wouldn't last. I miss those days.... sometimes. Bad news - we still can't sleep in very often, and Dave and I are the only ones left at home.

mommyofthree said...

I have to say that I have been surprised a couple of times with a child in my bed that I didn't know was there--but not nearly as many times as daddy. I actually miss kids small enough to fit in your bed without you noticing, at least sometimes. Most of the time I am just really glad they know how to get themselves cereal and turn on the TV so I can sleep in on Saturdays!

**Liz** said...

I'm so glad to hear that you are as sleep crazy as we are.

What a comfort that we are not alone!

Thanks Mike!


E said...

dude, you had me laughing out loud. Scotty is only 5 weeks old and has slept with us, in bed, since he was 2 weeks old and out of the NICU.
I have a friend whose kid is 1 year old and still sleeps in bed with them...Tyler & I laughed at the thought (pre-Scotty) and now it sounds pretty sane...if not inevitable!

Michal said...

i love the bit about monkey being stealthy. kimball and henry do that sometimes, so that i wake up with a big start and the adrenaline rushing through my body because there is someone standing by my bed. like they need permission to use the bathroom in the middle of the night!
the good news is, we seem to have made all of our sleeping mistakes on the first two. the second two are much better sleepers. i think that it is partly because they each only spent two nights in our bedroom as newborns before we sent them to the nursery (which is only one room away--we're not complete jerks!)

Renee said...

Hey guys, one of my friends had children with eczema and she said the only thing that helped was yogart. When I suggested it to Denise for Issac she asked "Do you put in on them or in them?" I'd try in them first! Aunt Renee

grandmadibb said...

I firmly feel that the hardest thing about being the parent of a newborn is sleep deprivation. Now it's dad that can't sleep in.