Tuesday, December 25, 2007

My favorite Christmas gift 2007

Some of my favorite Christmas songs: Last Christmas by Wham, Litttle St. Nick by The Beach Boys
You would think that my favorite Christmas present this year would be something from one of my little punks. I have to admit I will enjoy reading the Nixon biography from them, but it is not my favorite. My favorite present this year is revenge. ( I know, it sounds sooo Christmasy right? Sounds like a Tim Burton Christmas movie) My favorite this year is from Walker's baby.

You might remember a past blog "It's On" if you have not read this one yet, pause and review. It will explain so much. If you prefer to just read this blog, here is a short recap. Walker switched my Laker's license plate with a King's plate. I swore revenge.

About 2 months ago, I hatched my plan but knew I would have to have patience to pull it off in the best manner. Timing is everything. I put the plan in play and with the support of my wife and a secret confidant who shall not be named. (I will say that when the first Deanery medal is awarded they will definitely be in the running.) About two weeks ago I started planting the seed in Walker's head. I told him, in a wisper, "it's coming." The plan really came together in the last week and I had all the youth from our Ward (church congregation for you non-Mormons) go up to The Walker this last Sunday and tell him, "it's coming." He was really starting to get worried, I could see the uncontrollable twitch from his right eye.

To really make him worry, I asked him when he was leaving town. We have his house key and if he is gone, that leaves him so vulnerable. I heard he thought I was going to mow LA into his lawn. It was in consideration.

It is now Christmas morning and by now revenge has been served. There has been no call from Walker to let me know that he has felt the fury yet, he wouldn't let me know, but I know.

You see, this morning he received his very first Christmas gift from his daughter. A framed Photo. . .

. . .isn't it the sweetest little gift to give a Sacramento King's fan? Thanks Walker, you made my Christmas.


scrap chair potato said...

Glad to help out, honey. I can't wait to see what the reaction was.

gmdibb said...

Great job. You two work well together! I hope it was a hit with the Walkers.

Emily said...

Don't forget to post all about his reaction. The picture turned out even better than I imagined.