Sunday, February 24, 2008

Store Manager

A few days ago I got a call.

Customer: "is this the store manager?"
Me : "yes, how can I help you?"
Customer: "you guys sold me a piece of crap. You need to get out here now and fix it!"
Me: "OK, I will do what I can, can you let me know what is going on?"
Customer: "I bought a dryer from you and it keeps making a buzzing sound."
Me: "What kind of buzzing sound?"
Customer: "It happens when the dryer is running, I don't know what it is, you just need to come and fix it, I am not answering anymore questions."
Me: "I will get a service tech out there tomorrow to look at it."
Customer: "no, you will come out and replace it tomorrow or I will never shop with you again and I will tell everyone I work with that you sell junk."
Me: "OK, sir, let me call the delivery center and see if I can get it swapped out for you tomorrow."
Customer: "you had better"
Me: " I will call you back in a few minutes."

30 minutes later, I call back.

Me: "I will have new dryer out to you tomorrow."
Customer: "Never mind"
Me: "Why"
Customer: "my wife came home and told me that was the sound the dryer makes when the clothes are done."


Mrs. Morty said...

THAT WAS AWESOME!! Leave it to a man... uh I mean, some people! :)

mommyofthree said...

Hilarious! So, so funny.

gma dibb said...

That is funny. Obviously he doesn't do laundry often. Great job, Mr. Manager.

Michal said...

i'll bet he felt pretty foolish. at least he admitted it. that is soooo funny. sorry that it took up your time to put out that particular (false alarm) fire, but we benefited from the experience!:)

Emily said...


mommyofthree said...

It's thanks to guys like this that we get all these fabulous warning labels on things. Without his help, I might be tempted to iron my clothes while wearing them (actually, that's not beyond me to do, but I wouldn't be surprised if the "piece of crap" burned me).

Scooter said...

That last comment was from me, in case it said it was from "mommyofthree"--she's way to smart for that.

Diane said...

FUNNY! I bet his wife laughed hard! Or maybe she cried to think he didn't recognize the sound!Thanks, Mr Manager, for putting up with us customers. You and Amy need to compare stories.

Adriann said...

Is that really true? Leave it to me to be the skeptic but it sounds too much like a rehearsed joke. You're not making things up to make us all jealous of you job are you??? =)

McD said...

My wife said the same thing. Perhaps he had never owned a dryer before? Whatever the case, it's the truth and nothing but the truth.

Martin said...

While you were gone this child started to smell very bad.

I and it's getting worse, i don't know what to do.

Oh, diapers need to be CHANGED?

Who knew?

Nana said...

Does Reader's Digest still pay for jokes? I think you can sell this one, just the way you wrote it.