Monday, June 23, 2008

My Proxy

I have not posted in a long time. Exuses are out there, but mostly just because I chose watching a movie instead of writing. Here is an unfinished blog that I found in my drafts that I think is fine to post to get me up and going again.

I live a fairly mundane life. I don't love my job, it is just a job not a dream. So every now and then when I am bored I think of you my proxies.

When I want to surf- Ty and Stu

When I want to have a meaninful conversation with someone who not only has to listen but paid to listen- Scooter

When I want to get lost in the city and then go and have a debate with my fellow thinkers, followed by a night booing the Yankees and then . . .- Evan

When I pretend I am doing the job I really want to do- Drew. (congrats again on the movie(s)deal.)

When I want to feel like I have it all under control- Michal

When I want to learn about our history or strike out artistic- Tara

When I feel loyal to something- Tim

When I want to be witty and loyal- Liz

When I want to be that guy who suffers through every lousy game my sucky basketball and baseball team plays but is cool and confident about himself enough to admit he still likes them and gets whooped by a 2 year old every night-"The Walker"

When I want to imagine that I am married to someone who would not only let me have one decent car with air conditioning, but over 100!- G'ma

When I want to pretend I have the best brother-in-law - Emily and Kimberlie

Now I know why I have adult ADD, you guys give me lots to think about, but in the end my luckiest proxy is- Wifey.

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