Thursday, July 31, 2008

NPR nerd

One night while I was on a mission I was listening to someones Walkman, (predecessor to the Ipod, kiddos) I was listening to KBYU which played classical music. I loved classical music as a missionary it was so much better to me than any other kind of "inspirational" music. I had fallen asleep with the headphones on. Way into the middle of the missionary night at 11 P.M. I was awakened by someone talking, I was not cognisant enough to know what it was right off the bat. I listened and heard about a battle in some far off land, I didn't know what I had found, but I was in love. Of course since it was my mission, I knew it was something I would have to find when I got home.

I did, it was National Public Radio. It is so diverse and different than any other news program. I am so addicted that when it comes to leaving for work I know it will take 25 minutes to get there, but I know that if I leave that late I will miss the headlines, so I leave 5 minutes earlier. I also catch myself in "driveway moments" which are times when I have arrived at my destination and should be getting out of my car to enter my destination, but instead I am in my car listening to the end of the story.

As if listening to the news wasn't nerdy enough, I listen to shows like You Bet Your Garden, The Splendid Table, and Calling All Pets. (for the record, I hate gardening, don't do much cooking and am allergic to most pets, or at least that is the reason my wife says I can't have them when I ask for them.) Listening to them makes me think about other people who would like the show and I think I need to store this info until I can dump the info into their heads. I can't even listen to all of Car Talk without calling my father in-law. If you talk to me once a week, you usually hear, "I heard this story on NPR. . ." My favorite show besides the news is Fresh Air. They have interviews with actors, producers, singers and song writers.

I also laugh because it must be fair reporting because I get people on the Right who tell me, "I can't believe you listen to that liberal junk" and yet others who say, "I can't believe you listen to that Right-winged junk."

As if NPR knew I was writing this blog this morning they put an article on this morning on my way to work this morning they had two great articles, very diverse in subject and nature. Please follow the links and listen in. . .

I don't know about you, but how can you not enjoy these, the visual created in my mind of Nana or Grandma Dibb buttoning with one hand and unbuttoning with another, the other of Tyler, Evan, Martin and Stu all laughing with me about this poor man's name like it was something off David Letterman or the Simpson's.
No matter what, I am a confessed NPR nerd.
To end, I leave you yet another great item I found today, the song of the day. It is about one's memories and goes well with the memory telling theme of my blog.


Tara said...

yeah! Mike! I'm and NPR nerd too! It's on my clock radio in and that's what I wake up to in the morning. I LOVE Mike McGrath and his "You bet your garden" I get so much good info from him. But I think my ultimate favorites, and I hope your station playes these as well, my favorites are the Story Corps project that the Library of Congress is archiving. Ordinary Americans and their wonderful stories.

Denise said...

Nerd? Nerd??? (Ok - so I am a nerd).
I sit at my desk at night and listen to past performances of "This American Life" at least 3 times a week. I also love "Wait! Wait! Don't Tell Me". It sounds like I better check out "You Bet Your Garden".

Emily said...

You are a nerd! If my husband started listening, he would be hooked, too. He loves news radio lately.

Scooter said...

I remember this study when it first came out( ), that it looked at news outlets and rated them on a conservative-liberal continuum. You might find it interesting.

I used to listen to NPR but not enough to develop a habit, and now I never think to do so.

Michal said...

i love npr. when i was a kid, i used to hate it that my mom listened to it when i wanted music on. now i know better.
i get heat from my in-laws and even my hubby that it's liberal news, but i adore it and find it much less repulsive than the propaganda on conservative talk radio.