Friday, August 15, 2008

I'm Obnoxious and other complaints and compliments

I am annoying. I never take anything seriously. There is always a joke, something that shouldn't be said that is probably running through my head. Common sense has a better chance at beating Michael Phelps in the butterfly than prevailing in my head.
Not only do I use sarcasm, but I use sarcasm about my sarcasm. I'm funny.
I drive my wife crazy, I don't know how she deals with me, it would wear me out.
My oldest is turning into me, try having a straight conversation with him.
Mariah Carey is still in love with me after all these years, you might be fooled by her marriage, but I know it's all to make me jealous.
I can't dance, play music with any quality or speak well.
Every time I read, I fall asleep, and that is not just the scriptures.
I like Mt. Dew. I like Mt. Dew alot.
I can't spell.
I like bad movies- current shames- Step Up 2 and Don't back down.
I don't get to spend Saturday's with my boys.
I don't get to spend Sunday's with my boys.
I can't solve every one's problems.
Nana's house is up for sale and I can't afford to buy it.
I like rap music.
I am not a perfectionist. I could make my blogs so much better if I was willing to put the time in. I don't even proofread them. (obviously)
no patience
I don't like to plan.
I don't serve my God enough!
I am not the perfect father.
I am not smarter than you.

On the other hand, I do have some good qualities.
I don't have an exorbitant amount of friends, but if you are my friend good luck not being my friend later. I am like a good lost dog.
I care about people and their beliefs and views.
I still don't like Country Music in general. (you have to respect Lyle Lovett and Cash)
I think about my friends all the time.
I try to be the perfect father.
I can make people laugh even if sometimes it has to be at me.
I surround myself with people who are better than me so I can learn from them.
I married up.
I don't have any girls.
Mariah Carey still loves me and Celine Dion has no idea I am alive.
I know I can't be perfect, and understand that I need others.
I have 3 very different boys who make me laugh, cry, and work harder at work and church.
I am spontaneous and energetic.
I love when others achieve their dreams.
I love my wife and understand her eternal value in our relationship and my life.
I am not dumber than you- I believe everyone is brilliant about something, just got get the conversation on the right course.
I love to watch the British Parliament more than Congress. here here!
I want you to be happy, more than I want me to be happy.
I am blessed with great family and friends who deal with complaints and let me believe the compliments.


Michal said...

you need to link the nana's house text to her website. we're trying to get more links and hits to that!:)

why is "i don't have any girls" a compliment?

i think you're great and i think it's great that you have such a long list of good things to say about yourself, even if i don't understand why "i don't have any girls" is on the list!:)

Denise said...

Wait, wait! One of your good qualities is that you don't have any girls???

gma dibb said...

What is that 'I don't have any girls' about? Don't you think that maybe you could change that and prove that one of our children can have children of both sexes?

You are a tremendous father, that we know.

Liz said...

Interesting list. Very courageous.

We each have a list like this in our head . . . it's good to know that i'm not the only one who isn't perfect!

Tara said...

Um - excuse me? "I don't have any girls"??!! How can this be a good thing?! You knew I would write about this…listen - the only reason it's a good thing is because you know that once you have a daughter you will be a gonner!
Mikey - your are amazing. You are kind, generous, and above all tollerant. I love having talks with you when we dissagree. I feel privaleged that I am one of those friends who will have a hard time getting away from you. We are still friends because of you, and that's my privelege. You and your wonderful Wifey set an exceptional example about tollerance. Especially for people differnet than you, and for people who have different ideas than you, and for that I am really grateful.
What an interesting post - I wonder what inspired it.

Scooter said...

Well, at least you demonstrate SOME self-awareness! *grin*

Sounds like you offended THE sorority of the yah-yah pants, or something like that.

Congrats on not producing girls, King Henry!
(but there's still time, so better luck then)