Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Christmas Story

Christmas has many traditions; some good like eggnog. Some not so good like a months torture listening to Celine Dion's Christmas album, saying no to every one that invites us to visit for Christmas or working 6 0r 7 work weeks. (whine,whine, whine) Wifey and I never making it to Christmas before giving each other our gifts (I got one today.)
This year, I started something new. I am collecting a little village. See if you recognize it.

I found these at Sears last year. There are classic movies like It's a Wonderful Life or Charlie Brown's Christmas but for me this is "The" classic. It has so many great things about a boy's life. Dealing with a bully, an overprotective mom, and a Dad's ill communications and those horrible gifts from the aunts. It is Monkey-boy's request that the maker of the village make a figurine with Ralphie in the bunny suit. I just tivo'd A Christmas Story and I can't wait to watch it with the boys.

Deck the halls with braws of rarwry. Far ra ra ra rawwh - ra ra ra rawwh!!!!!

I guess the idea is Merry Christmas. I hope you get to enjoy what ever it is that makes your holidays perfect.


Michal said...

i wish i had read this earlier. my family needs that christmas village. sears, you say?

McD said...

I would suggest waiting until after Christmas. I will let you know what the clearance schedule is as on these. Go after the figurines first. They run $9 a piece and they are what helps you to recognize what it is you are seeing. The buildings will have a good sale next year. I was hoping to get the Chineese resturant this year but we sold out.