Monday, December 1, 2008

I wish there was a blog when I was young

Although I have to say up front that I do agree with the idea that our children put too much of themselves out there for others to see through all of the avenues available now, (facebook, myspace, blogs) I do have to admit that I might have enjoyed knowing a little more about those I have never gotten to know and those I could have used the upper hand in knowing.
Perhaps there was a kid in high school that was in love with Robotech like I was in 5th grade. I might have found some great friends who liked to play baseball ALL day long or ride bikes around the school campuses. Maybe I could have found out a little more about my teachers. I always tried to find out their political party in high school, or if they were card carrying members of the WWF (Ohhh, now that is a blog I need to share one day, wrong WWF though) or the ACLU. Perhaps I could have figured out that Johnny in 7th grade knew a little Kar-ra-teh and save my good friend Keith from that butt whoopen he took, but most of all I wish I had it for the fathers of the girls I dated.
I dated a girl whoes father I only met once. Have you ever seen one of the houses where the dad has the hunting trophies all over the wall? (if you haven't, visit Monroe Utah, they have a few there) Well this guy was that way except there where no carcuses, just hats. He must have had 100 hats on the wall. I don't know if he got up in the morning and decided which hat to wear with his outfit or which outfit to wear with his hat. If he had a blog, I might have known.
When I date Alli, I would have shown up playing MoTab. Just Kidding, but I might have thrown my guitar in the passanger seat and played my Bob Dylan tape loud enough for him to hear it, or better yet some Doctor Demento or Wierd Al.
Meeting my father in law through his blog would have told me how to work for a bank and only work 12 days a year, golf for free 350 days and still some sucker corporation to pay him for 365. Wisdom lost. I would have at least gone out and learned how to hit a golf ball. Shanking a ball all day would have given me a better chance of respect than swinging twenty times each time before I finally hit the ball. I single handedly backed up the course at the teeing off spot on just the first hole. Good thing it was a nuetral golf course and not his home course. Maybe that is the reason he wore such a wide rim on his hat. I would have found some book of good old stories to tell. Perhaps a few tall tales? Paul Bunyon and Babe? Not professed for my dislike for BYU so much so soon. Definitly could have prevented some mistakes there.
But alas, I didn't. I do however recognize that my future daughters-in-law have a unfair advantage. They have a blog. Perhaps I will be lucky enought that my boys will be too embarassed to let them know what it is. Perhaps reading will be a thing of the past by that time and since the blog is not an audio file, they won't visit. But most likely they will. They will know all the things they need to know to soften me up. They would know that I would really be impressed if a said young lady showed up with a pint of Ben & Jerrys Cherry Garcia and a 20 oz. bottle of Hawaiin Punch to go with it, or showed up and professed to thier love of the Lakers especially vintage 80's Laker teams. Maybe one of them will get a job at the local theater and invite my son and me to watch the new release. I could possibly be bribed to let the boys date at 15 1/2 for that one, it would be a group date right?
So yes, I give a lot of myself away to my online audience, I do set myself up to be vonurable, but if these young ladies are smart they would tell me some embarassing stories about their father and we could do it over a couple of pints. . . of ice cream.


TheQueen@TerrorsInTiaras said...

I agree. A blog would have been good. Although, my princesses may have a little trouble getting a date after potential dates read about their naughtiness on my blog. Ah well. At least you may get from free ice cream out of it.

Liz said...

Mike-so glad to see you are posting again!


Michal said...

really? do cherry garcia and hawaiian punch go together?